South Africa has reached a tipping point. Gender Based Violence & Femicide [GBV+F] cases are horrific in their sheer numbers. But what we need now is more than talk. We need a towering voice to recognise - and be recognised - that GBV+F has to be dealt with. This is what this BODY OF EVIDENCE movement strives to achieve.

Using the Arts as our communication platform, we aim to shock South Africans into realising the magnitude and violent nature of GBV+F. We have selected respected and talented South African artists to become the authentic voices to initiate these conversations. Through the BODY OF EVIDENCE movement, we will share statements of honesty, creative expression, music and dance that will form the catalyst for dynamic debate that contributes to the real change that is needed.

Driven primarily by sharing content on our own social media platform as well as that of the artist’s and celebrities platforms, we will:

  • be the catalyst to URGENT conversations
  • highlight the extremeness of GBV+F in South Africa
  • provide a channel for no-holds-barred dialogue
  • direct those in need to a safe place

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Supporting cast: Nobesuthu Rayi, Asanda Hanabe, Jennifer Reddy, Aphelele Mvamva